Digswell Magic...

For many years now I have witnessed the centre work its special magic, watching people gain confidence, self-esteem and a real sense of belief in themselves. It is always with sadness, but with a real sense of satisfaction, that I watch people leave and move forward with their lives. It is the combination of the great outdoors, a hard day’s work and the effect of good team effort that I believe benefits everyone who comes to Digswell. This is why we want to share what we have with a whole lot more people!

With recent changes and a reduction in resources with the social care sector, Digswell has found it difficult at times to develop the site. Looking to the future with a new focus on community engagement, strong support partners and a fantastic team of happy gardeners, we feel confident that we will be able to offer more people more opportunities and provide better facilities for everyone.

Our dreams and goals may take a long time to achieve with our limited resources, but I know we will achieve them – because of this amazing work.

A little (or even better a lot) of help on the way would mean more people will benefit more quickly and we can really start to reach out to people who in the past may not have had the opportunity.. people who have a real need for that little bit of Digswell magic..

Sue Beard - Community Engagement Lead