Digswell is a great space to enjoy the outdoors and engage with many people from the local community. We believe that working alongside others can benefit all and help develop a firm basis for the future.


Based at Digswell since August 2016, the ScrapStore is an Aladdin’s cave of useful materials.

“We collect stuff that is thrown out by local industries and make it available for creative reuse. Anyone can be a member - schools, playgroups, community groups and individuals have joined. For an annual fee they help themselves to all kinds of inspiring material whenever they want to. Visit us to see what’s new, you’ll be surprised by the vast range of materials to get creative!”

If you would like to talk to us about working in partnership, please contact Sue Beard, Community Engagement Lead who will be happy to meet and have a chat about your ideas.

Sue can be contacted by email: or by telephone: 07852 768597